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Is your heat pump not functioning as efficiently as it should? Don’t let discomfort linger in your home or office. At Product Air Heating & Cooling, LLC, we specialize in professional heat pump repair services across Snohomish County and beyond. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to restoring your heat pump’s performance and ensuring your indoor environment remains comfortable year-round. Whether you’re in Bellevue, Bothell, Kirkland or any other area within Snohomish, King County, and beyond, you can rely on us for prompt and reliable service. Reach out to us at (425) 541-1220 or contact us online to schedule a free estimate.


Even the most reliable heat pumps can encounter issues over time. Here are some signs that indicate your heat pump may need repair:

  1. Inconsistent Temperatures: Are you experiencing uneven heating or cooling throughout your space? This could be a sign of a malfunctioning heat pump that requires immediate attention.
  2. Increased Energy Bills: A sudden spike in your energy bills without a corresponding change in usage could indicate that your heat pump is operating inefficiently, leading to wasted energy and higher costs.
  3. Strange Noises or Odors: Unusual noises or odors emanating from your heat pump could signal underlying mechanical problems that need to be addressed by a professional technician.
  4. Frequent Cycling: If your heat pump is constantly turning on and off, it may be struggling to maintain the desired temperature, indicating potential issues with its components or settings.


When you choose Product Air Heating & Cooling, LLC for heat pump repair services, you can expect:

✔️Prompt Response: We understand the urgency of heat pump issues, which is why we strive to respond promptly to your repair needs. Our technicians will arrive at your location equipped with the tools and expertise necessary to diagnose and resolve the problem efficiently.

✔️Accurate Diagnosis: Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and skills to accurately diagnose issues with your heat pump, ensuring that the root cause of the problem is identified and addressed effectively.

✔️Quality Repairs: We prioritize quality in all our repair services, using industry-leading techniques and genuine replacement parts to restore your heat pump to optimal performance.

✔️Transparent Pricing: You can trust us to provide transparent pricing and honest recommendations for repair solutions that fit your budget. We believe in upfront communication and strive to ensure that you fully understand the scope of the repairs before we begin work.

Don’t let a malfunctioning heat pump disrupt your comfort. Contact Product Air Heating & Cooling, LLC today at (425) 541-1220 to schedule professional heat pump repair services. Our team is committed to delivering reliable solutions and restoring comfort to your home or business.

Mitsubishi Diamond Partner Solutions

Experience personalized indoor comfort with Mitsubishi Electric heat pump systems, offering modular zone-by-zone control through ductless mini-split systems. Choose from sleek wall-mounted units, versatile ceiling cassettes, low-profile horizontal-ducted units, efficient ducted air handlers, and rapid-heating floor-mounted units. 

Mitsubishi Electric solutions address hot/cold spots, renovation needs, replacements, new constructions, and light commercial spaces. Control your comfort and energy usage with the Kumo Cloud® App for smart system control.


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